Black Friday Deal: 75% Off Any Nanodegree Program to Invest Your Future

Black Friday is right around the corner, but this shopping event is going to look a little different than it has in years past. 

Instead of waiting hours in front of brick and mortar stores, many shoppers are going to skip the lines and crowded stores in favor of safely shopping online. 

And, while some shoppers may buy the latest TV or the next hot electronic device, you can be a smart shopper and invest in building your skills to further your career opportunities.

In fact, for a limited time, Udacity is offering 75% off of all Nanodegree programs and online courses starting Friday, November 27.

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Udacity Student Story: Keith Sun Turns COVID-driven Uncertainty Into an Opportunity

Just like millions of other workers around the world, Keith Sun was facing career uncertainty due to COVID-19

He works as a career services professional for the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati and wanted to improve his resume by topping it with professional skill-sets. 

“I was facing a summer where a furlough or employment termination was a real possibility,” shared Keith. “Given COVID-19 and [stay-at-home orders], I was suddenly given an ample amount of time for online courses. Because of the charitable generosity of Udacity’s free first month promotion, I decided this was a great time to learn the latest skills online. So I enrolled in the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. I enjoyed learning on Udacity’s platform so much that I wanted to pursue additional programs which led me to finish the Business Analytics Nanodegree program as well,” he shared.

Watch Keith Sun’s full interview here.

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Project-Based Learning Works: Here are 5 Reasons Why

Now more than ever before, employers favor skills over degrees, and the skills learned through project-based learning mirror what employers are looking for.  

As we posted in our last blog, the 4th Industrial Revolution is reshaping technology, and 42% of the core skills needed to perform existing jobs will change. A massive upskill effort will be needed to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030 to get them ready for the new world of work. 

Project-based learning can help provide training that is focused on teaching critical thinking — figuring out all the steps needed to create a solution. 

As far as teaching modalities go, it offers numerous benefits to the students taking part.

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Microsoft Power Platform Free Course Launch

If you don’t know how to code but want to easily build apps that solve business problems, there’s now a powerful and effective solution to help you create your own. No longer will you need to get swamped with technical details or use developer resources to create amazing apps. Now, you can use low-code solutions, like Microsoft Power Platform. The best part? Udacity is offering a free, beginner-level course to show you how.

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Top 8 Skills You Need to be a Data Scientist

Data Science Career Udacity

Back in 2016, Glassdoor declared that being a Data Scientist was the best job in America.

Four years later, the world of big data has evolved rapidly, and the role of Data Scientist is still a top job. It’s currently ranked as the number three job for 2020 by Glassdoor, and it’s only surpassed by Java Developer and Front End Engineer.

What is it about being a Data Scientist that makes it so appealing, and what skills does someone looking to get into this field need to have? 

Let’s take a look.

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How to Declare a Python Variable

Assigning a variable in Python is as easy as typing x = 5 into the console. There you go! Now you’ve got a variable named x that holds the value 5. But there’s quite a bit more to know about variables in Python.

Learn what a Python variable is, what data types there are in Python, how variable scope works in Python, and how to choose a variable name in Python.

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How to Define a Function in Python

Functions are the building blocks of computer programs. When used correctly, functions allow you to reuse a lot of the code you write making your programs shorter and more readable.

Python, like all programming languages, has a specific set of rules that define how functions should be used. This article will explain the specifics of using Python functions, from definition to invocation.

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