Introducing Server-Side Swift with IBM

Server-Side Swift with IBM

Imagine it’s December of 2015. You’re a developer, and you’ve just heard the news that Apple has open sourced their Swift programming language. You’re probably excited, but also a little wary, a little curious; why would Apple get involved in open source software? This isn’t normal for a company that typically keeps its products under lock and key.

Fast forward to today. A great deal has happened since Apple’s fateful decision, and Swift is now contending as a server-side language to rival Javascript, Java, Go, and others. The implications are pretty significant. Swift, the same language that powers modern Apple applications, can now be used to build web servers, microservices, and even hobbyist electronics projects with single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

It’s pretty easy to understand Apple’s motivations—bridging Swift to the server is an opportunity to expand their reach and grow their developer community. But what does this all mean for you? Should you be excited about server-side Swift?

Yes, you should. You absolutely should.

Introducing Server-Side Swift with IBM

We’re so excited about the potential of server-side Swift, that we built a new course just to teach developers how to extend Swift beyond the realm of Apple devices and onto the server and the cloud. We’ve secured an amazing partner for the course, and we’re now very pleased to announce the launch of Server-Side Swift … with IBM!

Enroll in Server-Side Swift with IBM today!

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Udacity Talks Welcomes Yoky Matsuoka

Yoky Matsuoka Udacity Talks

Udacity Talks is extremely pleased to announce that on Wednesday, June 7th, at 4pm PT, our guest will be Yoky Matsuoka, Chief Technology Officer at Nest. Yoky Matsuoka is a pioneer in the field of Neurobotics, and has previously worked at Apple and Google, and held the position of CEO of Quanttus. She has been a professor at Carnegie Mellon, as well as the University of Washington, where she ran the Neurobotics Lab.

RSVP for Udacity Talks with Yoky Matsuoka!

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Udacity and the Liam’s Life Foundation: A New Scholarship Program Begins

the Liam's Life Foundation Scholarship

We’re excited to announce the start of a new scholarship program designed to provide learning opportunities for recipients to make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

In the case of this very special scholarship, we also have the opportunity to honor the great work of our partner, Liam’s Life Foundation. Last week, three students started studying in the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program. Each of them is receiving a full scholarship to the program, in honor of Liam Mikael Kowal, a 15-month old toddler who was struck and killed by a drunk driver in Southern California in September 2016. Though drunk driving is preventable, a person loses their life to a drunk driving accident every 53 minutes. This amounts to 28 people a day and nearly 10,000 people a year in the United States alone.

Continue Reading & Udacity: How Industry and Educators can Work Together to Address the Skills Gap in AI

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to dramatically reshape our world in ways we’re only just beginning to imagine. More so than perhaps any other technology, AI stands to become the transformative force of the future.

Talent, community, and investment

Understandably, some of the brightest minds in the world are already working in the field, and every day more innovators, risk-takers, and forward-thinkers arrive to join their ranks. In many respects it’s a simple equation—incredible new technologies attract incredible new talent.

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Announcing the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship in partnership with Google

Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship

From our vantage point in the heart of Silicon Valley, we witness miracles of innovation every day. But as exciting as the tech space can be, it is also an arena that still struggles with very real issues of equality and diversity. We are also an international company, with students, instructors, and partners located all over the world. We are fortunate to be able to engage with people from other cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis, and we see the challenges that exist on the global stage as well.

One issue we are very focused on is increasing the number of women working in tech—we urgently need to have more women building new technologies.

To that end, Udacity is thrilled to launch the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship in partnership with Google. Women Techmakers, Google’s global program, provides visibility, community and resources for women in technology. This initiative will help women learn web and mobile development skills through enrollment in our Nanodegree programs. This scholarship is a powerful expression of Udacity and Google’s shared commitment to supporting the learning and careers goals of individuals across the globe, and we look forward to working with Women Techmakers to select candidates ready to take the next step in their careers.

Apply for the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship by June 9, 2017!

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Teaching Job Skills We KNOW You’ll Use: How We Created The “GitHub & Collaboration” Course

Udacity GitHub & Collaboration

When we launched Udacity Blitz, we knew we were setting a course into uncharted waters. But we passionately believed that an initiative whose primary objective was to connect talented alumni with exciting work opportunities just had to succeed. Fortunately it has, and it’s a pleasure now to say we foresaw it all along!

New Course! GitHub & Collaboration

What we couldn’t have foreseen, was the role Blitz would come to play in helping Udacity—and specifically content developers like myself—build even more laser-focused content expressly designed to equip students with the in-demand skills they’ll actually rely on when they work at top tech companies. A new course we’ve just launched is a perfect example. It’s called GitHub & Collaboration, and it is the direct result of this symbiotic ecosystem that Udacity Blitz has made possible.

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