How to Become a Blockchain Developer

Let me introduce you to Aaron Brown. Aaron is VP of Engineering at MadHive, a company building cutting-edge advertising solutions running on blockchain technology. We’re thrilled to have him contributing his expertise to our Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program.

Blockchain hiring manager interview

Aaron is a passionate blockchain advocate who envisions using this emerging technology to balance privacy, security, and transparency concerns across a wide variety of industries. His experience recruiting people into the blockchain space has been crucial for ensuring our curriculum is laser-focused on what industry needs, and what our students need to learn in order to secure rewarding roles.

We spoke with Aaron recently to get his insights on the current hiring landscape for blockchain developers.

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Parker McCurley’s Amazing Journey To Becoming A Blockchain Developer

He got kicked out of high school in Ohio. Today, he’s the co-founder of a blockchain technology firm.

Parker McCurley - Blockchain Developer - Udacity - Student Success

Parker McCurley is the co-founder of decent, an exciting new software development and consultancy firm specializing in blockchain technology. He lives in Miami, spends his free time at the beach, and travels the world for his business. His company is making money, and he’s now contributing his subject matter expertise to Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program.

In short, life is going really well for Parker. Yet his trajectory could easily have been very different, were it not for his dedication to learning and one unexpected conversation that opened his eyes to a new career.

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Running Code on Real Robots

Udacity, KUKA, and KIT have partnered to develop an innovative new way for Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program students to remotely run their code on a robotic arm

Udacity - Robotics - KUKA

At Udacity, partnerships help make extraordinary opportunities available for our students. Our partnership with KUKA and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will make it possible for students in our Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program to remotely run their code on a robotic arm. The result is that our graduates will enter the robotics job market with a unique combination of practical experience in both software and hardware.

Through the partnership, our students will be able to write code, test their code in simulation, then watch as their code is deployed to a real industrial robot, in a real lab, via video feed.

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This Former Engineer Landed His Dream Career As A Data Scientist

Eric Persson - Data Scientist - Student Success - Udacity

Eric Persson completed a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management five years ago. When he graduated, he considered enrolling in Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program, because data had become a real passion for him. At the same time, he’d just spent five years studying to become an engineer—not a data scientist—so Eric decided to follow through on the career path he’d already started.

Five years later, Eric had a great engineering job and was working in Tokyo. He liked his job, but he hadn’t shaken his interest in data. He looked again at the Data Analyst Nanodegree program and, this time, he enrolled. Right before he graduated, he landed an exceptional data scientist role with a company back home in Sweden. Now he is elated to say that he has the career he first dreamt of when he left university! This is how it happened:

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The Talent Right In Front Of You

When you invest in the education of your employees, you give your company the gift of a long-term solution to your talent needs

The Talent Right In Front Of You - Udacity

The following quote has been variously attributed to everyone from Lao Tzu to Maimonides to Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie:

“Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Given its ubiquity throughout modern history, it’s clearly a resonant message, and part of its appeal has to do with its broad applicability—it’s germane to so many different use cases.

The quote is generally interpreted as a lesson about self-sufficiency, but it’s also sage advice when thinking about short-term “band-aids” vs. long-term solutions. Why solve something for a day, only to have the same problem again tomorrow? Why not embrace a long-term solution that eliminates the problem once and for all?

Hiring managers and recruiters confront this issue every day. After all, hiring is essentially an act of problem-solving—a company has a need, and the right hiring decision will solve for it. But what IS the right hiring decision? If you’re a company in need of talent, the solution is often right in front of you!

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This Data Analyst Graduate Went From Job Hunting To Hired In One Week!

Udacity - Data Analyst - Student Success

After Alexandre Campino finished undergraduate and graduate studies in aerospace engineering, he took a leap into the unknown and moved to Southern California from his native Portugal. He started looking for an aerospace role, but despite two years of trying, he was unable to break into the US aerospace industry, and was forced to concede that the field appeared closed to him.

It was a tough realization, but Alexandre found a way to turn the obstacle into opportunity. He went back to the drawing board and broadened his job search. He thought hard about the skills he already had, and he looked for industries and roles where his engineering experience would be an asset. That’s when he discovered data science. He saw job opportunities in data everywhere he looked, so he was sure it was a sector in demand. Better yet, it was an industry that had immediate appeal because it used many of the data skills he’d learned throughout his graduate studies.

So Alexandre got busy—he looked at the job requirements of data roles he wanted, and set about building his skill set to meet them. Today, he is a graduate of Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program, and he’s working in a data role at an internet company he proudly says is “the best company to work for in the country!” 

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5 Amazing Student Success Stories from India

Each of these 5 students earned a scholarship from Google and Udacity, and they’ve used their opportunities to achieve incredible things in their lives and their careers.

Student Success - Udacity - Google India Scholarships

Back in 2017, Google Scholarships launched in India with a mission to help 30,000 students pursue their dreams of venturing into mobile and web development. Today, so many exceptional students have earned new opportunities for themselves through the Udacity-Google Scholarship program. Their stories are amazing, and we share five of them with you here.

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