How to Master Python: A Tutorial

With machine learning, e-commerce and other cutting-edge technologies here to stay, so too are their enabling languages. Python is perhaps the preeminent programming language, and mastering it offers attractive career options.

In this python tutorial, we’ll go over what makes Python so user-friendly before diving into some of the language’s concepts. We’ll also provide code snippets to demonstrate common, day-to-day programming practices.

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Python Serialization: Getting Started

The internet accumulates mind-boggling amounts of data daily — amounts in the petabytes, exabytes and zettabytes. 

As data continues to accumulate, we’re seeing increased demand for efficient data processing, storage and transmission. 

In this article, we’ll cover serialization, a process that enables and facilitates the handling of high-level data objects in Python.

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Fastest Growing Jobs in Tech That You Need To Get Into

In 2005, when the internet was still in its nascent stage, there were about 1 billion users around the world. In a single decade, that number doubled to reach 2 billion. Fast forward five short years to 2020 and there are 4.66 billion active internet users according to Statista.

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to flourish (and our internet usage stats suggest), technological innovation is not going to decline anytime soon. 

Even with the economy flagging in the wake of COVID-19, the tech industry is still expected to reach $5 trillion in 2021 and grow an additional 5% by 2024 according to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2021

That continued growth signifies that there will be even more available tech jobs on the market in 2021 and beyond. One of the best ways to snag one of those new openings is to upskill with an online course.

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Our Guide to Python Decorators

Have you heard about Python decorators? Not only do these special functions have a funny name, but their syntax differs from standard Python code (they attach to other functions through use of the @ sign).

No wonder many beginners avoid decorators at all costs! However, we’ve got good news for you. Decorating your functions isn’t as hard as it looks — and it results in cleaner, more modular programs with less boilerplate code.

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Top 10 Highest-Rated Nanodegree Programs for 2020

The year 2020 has proven to be a time of both change and resilience. Due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders issued globally, people had to change their lifestyles, adopt better eating  habits, learn to work from home, and some even picked up a new skill — like coding.

The point is, regardless of if people learned to cook, create pivot tables in Excel, or program using a new computer language, we all learned something new. 

This uptick of people using online learning platforms to help them gain knowledge and new skills in their downtime, made us wonder which online courses and Nanodegree programs our students liked the most. 

After examining our Nanodegree programs and student feedback, we compiled a list of our top-rated Nanodegree programs for 2020, according to our global community of students. 

Top 10 Highest-Rated Udacity Nanodegree Programs for 2020

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Four Technologies to Help Your Business Through Digital Transformation

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses, digital transformation has become a major buzzword — but some people struggle to define it. Just put “what is digital transformation” into Google and the responses will range anywhere from having an online presence in the form of a website to the complete rethinking of how organizations use technology. 

While there is no definitive answer to this question, the meaning depends on how you plan to lay the foundation of digital transformation for your business. For now, let’s agree that it’s much more than just having a website, using a fancy CRM, or chatbots.

According to a recent business impact survey of the 373 IT professionals conducted by IDG Research, 59% of respondents said that there has been increased pressure for digital transformation post the pandemic. 

As global businesses and enterprises try to adopt digital technologies, they grapple with the challenge of upskilling both their teams and themselves to be abreast of the latest trends in  digitization.

To ensure that your business is creating a truly impactful digital transformation strategy, read on to learn how our Nanodegree programs can help you skill your employees in popular technologies and to scale your efforts. 

Digital transformation

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Learning Python Closure Functions

Python closure functions may seem intimidating due to their rather unintuitive syntax, but mastering them is worthwhile if you want to write truly expressive and maintainable Python code.

In this article, we’ll go through code examples that reveal that closures are actually quite simple. Let’s dive in!

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